Outliving the children, no one should endure that. The 86-year-old mother was grieving the loss of three sons and now has no one depend on.

Ooi Yee Hong, 54-year-old, is a floor polishing worker who has been working in Kuala Lumpur for long time. He is single and he was bearing the living expenses of his 86-year-old mother, Tan Sai Tee.

In 2018, Ooi Yee Hong was found that blood in urine. He was going an examination found that there were cancer cells in the kidney. Therefore, the doctor recommended undergo nephrectomy surgery to remove one of the kidneys. After that, Ooi Yee Hong went on to live as usual, work and earn money to take care his mother.

In March 2020, Ooi Yee Hong had constant coughing. After a detailed examination, he was diagnosed with lung cancer stage IV. He spent tens of thousands of Ringgit Malaysia of his savings to underwent electrotherapy and chemotherapy. During the treatment, he was take care of himself and occasionally got help from colleagues to food delivery.

He told his mother and sister about the cancer disease after completing the treatment. He concealed the truth because he was worried about trouble to his family members. He only told his family members that he would continue to work after he recovered.

In November 2021, Ooi Yee Hong was fractured from falling and was sent to Hospital Selayang for treatment. The hospital then called his niece to inform that Ooi Yee Hong condition was not optimistic and had been transferred to the Palliative Care Unit. At the same time, hospital asked family member to take care of him in hospital.

The niece requested the hospital transferred the patient back to Penang. However, due to the complicated transfer procedure and the repeated urging of the hospital to find someone to take care of him, the niece finally decided to discharge him from the hospital and settled down in the nursing home.

On November 8, Ooi Yee Hong took an ambulance from Hospital Selayang to Bukit Mertajam’s nursing home with a breathing aid. After seeing his 86-year-old mother Tan Sai Tee, sister and nephew, Ooi Yee Hong was passed away at the next day 5pm.

The 68-year-old eldest sister Ooi Ah Hiang said that the doctor had told the family to be prepared. The brother, Ooi Yee Hong, was unable to eat, wheezing and coughing, caused him very skinny. Therefore, it consider as a relief to her brother’s death.

Ooi Yee Hong is the youngest among the 6 siblings. Two elder brothers have passed away, and the other three sisters are also old and have their own family. Before Ooi Yee Hong passed away, his sister was asked the ONE HOPE CHARITY for help to arrange their mother to stay in nursing home.

After receiving news of Ooi Yee Hong’s death, the old mother and three sisters were completely unable to pay for the funeral expenses. Therefore, they sought ONE HOPE CHARITY for help in handling Ooi Yee Hong’s funeral and columbarium expenses.

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