The 80-year-old old man Chow Wai Kai died of illness in a nursing home. He was single and had no family members. One Hope Charity gathered donations from the public, sent our member to handle and attend the funeral ceremony, and sent him through the final journey of his life. After that, the ashes will be brought back to the columbarium space purchased by One Hope Charity.

According to the hospital's information, the homeless old man was a wanderer in Penang and lived alone in his early years. A few years ago, he was sent to the hospital for treatment by the public due to inconvenience in mobility. Since he had no relatives, he was referred by the hospital to the Welfare Department and was later sent to a nursing home for the elderly.

After review, we decided to assist and make good use of the public's donations to help him in the last journey of his life.

Thanks to our generous donors for your donations and your sponsorship of columbariums as it would help One Hope Charity to provide more funeral and burial assistances to poor families and lonely elders. Those who wish to donate could do so anytime as this is a long-term aid provided for the needy.

If there are any poor or needy who could not afford and manage the funeral for their loved ones, or there are any elderly living alone who are interested in registering for the “Promise of the Last Journey” programme, kindly contact One Hope Charity at 016-419 2192, 019-232 2192 or 04-539 9212 for help.

Funeral & Burial Assistance 2022 January