In March, April, May and June, ONE HOPE CHARITY gathered donations from generous individuals and corporate companies from all over the world and assisted a total of 54 aftermaths within March, April, May and June 2022

ONE HOPE CHARITY assisted 14 cases in March, 12 cases in April, 14 cases in May and 14 cases in June. The deceased were either from poor and underprivileged families or those lonely elderlies with no next-of-kin.

ONE HOPE CHARITY not only assists with funerals and burial but also provides assistance for poor families, such as essential items, school supplies for children, medical supplies, etc., to help reduce the burden on families as much as possible and help the family members get through the difficulties temporarily.

The "Promise of the Last Journey" programme is open to poor families of all ethnic groups or orphans to apply. After they or their family members pass away, they will be entrusted to ONE HOPE CHARITY for handling. Any qualified applicant can walk into ONE HOPE CHARITY service centre to applicate.

Thanks to all generous individuals and corporate companies for their general donations which enabled One Hope Charity to provide help to those from poor and underprivileged families during emergency situations, as well as to let lonely elderlies and deceased from poor families conclude their life journey with dignity.

If there are any poor or needy who could not afford and manage the funeral for their loved ones, or there are any elderly living alone who are interested in registering for the “Promise of the Last Journey” programme, kindly contact One Hope Charity at 016-419 2192, 019-232 2192 or 04-539 9212 for help.