He suffered from diabetes and his left and right toes were amputated six years ago. After the prosthesis was installed on his left foot, he could not walk steadily. We provided special insoles and hoped that he would return to society and earn money to support his family.

Ganesan A/L Venkitachalam, a 41-year-old Indian man, was sent to the hospital for examination after an accident on his way to work in 2015. Unexpectedly, after 2 weeks, the hamstrings were painful and unable to bend and move. After the examination, he was diagnosed with bacterial infection and required amputation.

He was unable to work after the left and right toes were amputated. Even with the prosthetic on his left foot, he still could not walk with balance. We assisted him with special insoles so that he could walk more smoothly, and hoped that he could work and re-enter the workplace to feed his family.

We also support him with dried food, so that the family can temporarily avoid starvation.

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