"Thank you for helping me for the medical and living expenses of my husband and son. I will do my best to take care of them."

The 56-year-old woman Ong Chung Lin has to take care of an amputee husband and a blind son. Besides that, she required to the bear financial of the entire family including the medical expenses of the father and son.

ONE HOPE CHARITY launched fundraising campaign on 4th December to raise RM82,500 for medical and living expenses for father Goh Kah Jin and son Goh Hwa Phuei. The funds had  raised completely and enough to cover the medical expenses of the father and son for about one and a half years.

Ong Chung Lin highlighted she needs to bring the husband and son for dialysis on everyday. Therefore, the business hour for hawker stall had shorten and caused earn RM20-80 daily. It is not able to cover the medical expenses.

She also mentioned the health condition of son is not stable, requires to admit hospital often. The son is a blind person therefore she also required to stay in the hospital to take care of the son.

The little income of the mother Ong Chung Lin is not able to pay for the medical expenses for 2 persons and the family living expenses. Therefore she come to apply fund from ONE HOPE CHARITY.

Public felt pity about the situation happen on the father and son, and believed that this woman was a good wife and a good mother. The Goh family is grateful for the help from public.

Part 1:Fundraising