The old mother was worried that her daughter would have to bear the cost of the nursing home for the two of them. ONE HOPE CHARITY assisted to raise RM60,000 of the nursing home fee. Now the funds needed have been completely raised and thus the fundraising campaign will be stopped.

The 81 years old, Goh Saw Choo has repeatedly thanked ONE HOPE CHARITY for the assistance. If there is without the donation from the public, they still need to worry about the nursing home fee. Now that she is old, she has adapted to the life in the nursing home. She was able to enjoy her old age.

ONE HOPE CHARITY will also assist for the mother and son’s funeral ceremony.

Thank you for the generous donations from the public, so that the mother and son can have a place to live. Because of your small action, the mother and son are deeply understand that there is connection of love in the world.

Part 1:Fundraising