"Our son has been transferred to 3 hospitals and every time we see him struggling in the incubator, it breaks our hearts."

When the parents of Harisman Naufan bin Amran, an aboriginal baby boy, learned that the public actively donated their child's medical expenses, they were very grateful to the public for their donations, especially their care, concern and blessings, which made them even more moved and grateful. The RM95,000 surgery fee for the baby boy has been funded.

Baby Harisman Naufan Bin Amran is from an aboriginal Temiar tribe that live in the deep mountains of Grik, Perak. It takes two hours to drive from the asphalt road to the deep mountains. Due to the long journey to return home, the baby boy has not been able to return home for more than a month since he was born.

The family is very grateful for the assistance of the public, because they are completely unfamiliar with life and do not know how to seek help. Now that the child's surgery is scheduled to enter their hearts, they have nothing in return, and they have no way to thank them due to lack of resources. They can only promise to take good care of the child and live up to the little lives saved by their efforts.

Part 1:Fundraising