Managed to undergo the mechanical thrombectomy within the golden window, 43-year-old Harizam Bin Khalid’s surgery went well. The RM50,000 surgical fee he needed has been fully raised, hence the fundraising will end immediately.

His 42-year-old wife Rosliza Bt Abdul Wahab informed that she went to visit her husband after his surgery. Although he had regained conscious, but was still unable to speak, and could only nod and shook his head to answer questions. Her husband’s condition had improved when she visited him the next day, and he could say some simple words.

Harizam has been transferred back to Seberang Jaya Hospital at 10pm on August 9 (Monday) for observations. He will be discharged from the hospital to return home for rehabilitation soon.

Rosliza knows that the recovery from stroke would take some time, and she is willing to be with her husband and gives him all the supports.

As for the family’s source of income and their living expenses, she admitted that she could not think and plan about it at the moment, but she can cook, so she can learn to be independent and strong to support her family.

This is the process where we witness the transformation of a family. It is a learning curve for both parents and child need to grow, and to improve their ability in dealing with problems. We wish that they could resume their normal lives as soon as possible.

Part 1:Fundraising