When 20-year-old young man Tharesan A/L Diyaharajan was four years old, his mother realised that he would turn to one side of his ear to listen every time when he was on the telephone with his father. Therefore, his mother brought him for a check in a hospital. He was referred to a major hospital for detailed testing and he was confirmed to have suffer from weak hearing in his left ear; and the hearing in his right ear was more severe.

When he was seven, during a follow-up visit, the doctor confirmed that the hearing ability in his left ear was only 50%, and his right ear was severely impaired. He has always listened with his left ear.

When he started to attend school, as he only had one side of hearing, he always got a letter from the hospital to his school, requesting his teachers to allow him to sit in the front row in class. He completed his primary and secondary educations by putting extra hard work and perseverance compared to the other students.

At the age of 18, Tharresen wanted to further his studies, so the hospital loaned a side of hearing aid to him temporarily. However, the hearing aid started to fail recently. As he was just wearing one side of the hearing aid, the sound he heard was very soft. The surrounding noise would also cause interference and he would detect the sounds around him slow. Furthermore, the hearing aid he has been using is no longer suitable, therefore, the doctor recommended him to wear hearing aid in both of his ears.

He is from a poor family and his parents can’t afford their children to study. The young man was originally received an offer to take up a diploma course in printing at a tertiary education institution. However, after he completed the first year’s course, he decided to drop out as the loud noise of the printing machine had caused interference to his hearing aid. And now, he wants to be a chef, and he is interested in enrolling in a community college to take up food and beverages courses. He is currently waiting for his placement.

Tharresan’s 43-year-old father Diyaharajan A/L Jeganathanis a lorry driver earning RM1,400 a month. His income is affected by the pandemic and his work is uncertain. He is now earning a daily wages of RM75. His 42-year-old mother Moganambal A/P Gonesan works in a coffee shop. Her income is unstable due to the pandemic.

Tharresan is the second child among the three siblings. His 22-year-old eldest sister relies on PTPTN to further her studies in a university, while his 17-year-old brother is currently in Form 5.

The family of five lives in Simpant Ampat, Penang. His parents are unable to afford a new pair of hearing aids that cost thousands of ringgits.

After the home visit, One Hope Charity reviewed the application and decided to help the young people with a pair of hearing aids, so that he can hear better and finish his studies for a brighter future.

The money was from the general donations made by well-wishers. It has enabled One Hope Charity to provide help to those in need. Thank you very much!

Medical Assistance - 2021 November