12-year-old boy Ivan Lee Tian Chi grew up with normal hearing. Unexpectedly, he experienced sudden deafness and needed RM106,700 for cochlear transplantation. The medical fee he required has been completely raised. His grandparents, who raised him up, are very grateful to all the well-wishers to give their grandson a chance to hear.

Ivan from Menglembu in Perak, has always been able to hear. However, he lost his hearing suddenly some two years ago. His grandmother took him for examination and the result showed that he is completely deaf in his left ear, and only 30% of his hearing ability is left in his right ear. The doctor also determined that cochlear implantation is suitable for his left ear.

Although he lost his hearing out of a sudden, but Ivan is still optimistic. He is wearing a hearing aid in his right ear but his hearing is still very weak. He will undergo the cochlear implant surgery in his left ear on 13 January.

After One Hope Charity launched a fundraising on Monday (January 10), the donations came pouring in. The expenses for the electronic cochleae and the surgery have been successfully raised. It is expected that the electronic cochleae can be put in use before Chinese New Year.

His grandfather Lee Fook Weng and grandmother Wong Yoke Chun are very grateful to all the kind-hearted individuals who offered help, so that their grandson can regain his hearing.

Part 1:Fundraising