One year ago, the girl who had successfully undergone heart disease surgery with the support from public donation. She is now one year old. The father decided to joined as an ONE HOPE CHARITY’s member, this action is to thank the public who help his daughter and would like to continue to help other needy people.

The Indian baby girl Janavi A/P Mathan was born on 13 May 2020. She was diagnosed Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA) caused her severe hypoxia. She had to undergo surgery when she was one month old. The surgery cost was RM90,000.

The parents could not afford the medical expenses, so they seek help from the ONE HOPE CHARITY. After launching of the fundraising, the funds were raised. Therefore, Janavi can perform the operation on time and discharged from the hospital.

The mother, Puganesvary, highlighted that Janavi still needs regular follow-up visits. She is 1 and 9 months old now. She has learned to walk and is also in the stage of babbling.

A few days ago, after taking her for a follow-up visit, her parents came to our service centre to make donation. The parents are very grateful to the kind people and help them when they were most helpless. Now Janavi's situation has stabilized, and his father decided to join as a member.

In addition, the father Mathan A/L Alumalai also asked Janavi to put money into the donation box, hoping that the children can understand the meaning behind this action is to helping others and letting love carry on.

Part 1:Fundraising

Part 2:Fundraising Completed