She has to face the situation where her favourite long hair gradually fall off and become thin due to chemotherapy, together with various kind of side effects such as vomiting, fever, dizziness, diarrhea and loss of appetite, Jolin Lye Pei Yee can only cry. She can’t accept the drastic change and she is depressed as she has to stop schooling for the treatment.

Her mother tried her best to accompany her daughter in her journey fighting against cancer. With the company, guidance and encouragement of her mother and other family members, Jolin decided to be strong. She wants to face the side effects of chemotherapy bravely, hoping to recover soon and return to the school.

After a long time, Jolin finally found a matching bone marrow donor from China and the bone marrow transplant is expected to be arranged at the Ampang Hospital in July. The mother and daughter hope that the surgery will goes smoothly. The RM177,000 in medical expenses have been successfully raised, hence, the fundraising will stop with immediate effect.

The family is very grateful for the help from the public, which provide Jolin a chance to undergo the bone marrow transplant and an opportunity to recover. They have no way to repay the kindness of all well-wishers, but they also pledge to help the others in need around them and within their capacity.

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Part 1: Fundraising