Kho Jia Yi, a 13-year-old girl with 88-degree scoliosis, was admitted to the hospital on September 1st and underwent surgery on September 2nd. The final examination before surgery revealed that scoliosis had progressed to 105 degrees. Fortunately, the surgery went smoothly. On September 5, she was finally discharged from the hospital.

Thanks to all of the generous donors, Kho Jia Yi's surgery went off without a hitch. She had gone through every painful moment brought on by the surgery. After two months of rest, she can return to school and regain her confidence.

His parents are not only grateful to the public for giving their daughter a chance to regain their health and hope for a better life, but they also express their heartfelt and lofty gratitude to the generous donors.

Kho Jia Yi from Penang was born with congenital heart disease but has had heart repair surgery. Her scoliosis increased from 45 degrees to 88 degrees two years ago, frightening her family. Her parents sought medical attention to prevent scoliosis from pressing on internal organs.