Yu Hui's spine had been bent 90 degrees, and she has immediately scheduled for surgery to prevent further curvature. She is currently being monitored in the intensive care unit after the operation went very well.

Kong Yu Hui graduated from Form 5 with good grades and plans to continue her education in accounting. She hopes that after the chiropractic surgery, she will be able to continue her studies while also pursuing her interest in dancing.

Due to the RM63,000 surgery fee she requires has been raised, the fundraising will come to an end. Yu Hui and her family are grateful for the public donations and promise that they will help the disadvantaged in the future.

Yu Hui's teacher noticed that her shoulders were uneven and that her scapula protruded. Her parent took her to have a check-up. At the time, the doctor only stated that the situation could be avoided through rehabilitation. They have tried various methods over the years to keep her situation from worsening. Her condition has been repeatedly postponed due to the epidemic's coincidence.