The mechanical thrombectomy was performed during the golden window and 71-year-old Krishnan A/L Kannaya is recovering well after the surgery. He could not only understand the instructions given by the doctor, but he could also raise his hands and feet.

He only has to be put under observation in the intensive care unit for three days after the surgery, after which the doctor will refer him to a government hospital for recuperation. Although he still can’t speak clearly, but as long as he continues with the rehabilitation trainings, it is believed that he can return to normal, just like how he was before the stroke.

The RM50,000 needed for his surgery has been successfully raised, hence, the fundraising will be suspended with immediate effect. His family is thankful to One Hope Charity for offering help to them during their hard times. They are also grateful to all well-wishers who lend the family a helping hand in a timely manner and let them fell the warmth in the society.

Part 1:Fundraising