The local charitable person Lau Nam Chan passed away on 16 October. His sons Lau Karn Hwa, Lau Karn Yeong, Lau Karn Fong, Lau Karn Ming and Lau Karn Jye uphold the spirit of their father of being kind and charitable. They donated RM15,000 of condolence money to One Hope Charity & Welfare for medical assistance and funeral & burial assistance.

Lau Karn Hwa, the eldest son of the late Lau Nam Chan, visited our service centre on Friday (22 October) to hand over the donation and which was received by Chairman Dato’ Chua Sui Hau.

Lau Karn Hwa mentioned One Hope Charity is a trustworthy and credible charity organization, so his siblings decided to donate the donation to the One Hope Charity to remember their father by giving back this way.

The Chairman of the One Hope Charity expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the five children of the late Lau Nam Chan for their trust and support to the organization. He stated that this kind attitude will bring hope to those who seek help and as well as bring joy to the beneficiary.