"Father has finished the surgery and is doing well. Thank you to everyone for your emergency donations, which enabled my father to have the surgery at a critical juncture in his life."

Lee Ah Chan, 63, was admitted to the hospital for mechanical thrombectomy during prime time. He is still in the hospital for observation after surviving the dangerous period in the intensive care unit.

The 40,000 ringgit he required has been raised, and the daughter is temporarily relieved, but she now bears the burden of physical therapy and caring for her father.

The daughter is grateful for the public's assistance in rescuing her father, and she hopes that her father will be able to recover and lead a normal life as soon as possible.

Lee Ah Chan, 63, was feeling ill and remained silent. Her father's speech was slurred, and he couldn't stand still or walk, according to his daughter. She was forced to go to the doctor with her father after the condition of acupuncture and moxibustion in traditional Chinese medicine persisted. The results of the tests confirmed that he had had a stroke.