"Thank you for saving my wife in time, her operation went well, thank you all."

Lee Ai Ling (42-year-old)'s small intestine was squeezed by her ovarian tumors and needed emergency surgery. The need for a RM45,000 surgery fee had been fully raised. Her life is saved due to timely surgery to remove the tumor in her ovaries and the affected small intestine.

She began to have stomach pains, vomiting, and diarrhea, and her weight loss. The small intestine began to swell and the tumor may burst at any time. She will be infected with bacteria and life in danger If the tumor bursts.

She undergo the surgery in prime time, and the tumor was confirmed not malignant after assay. She needs to be observed and recuperated in the ward and can discharge once everything is stable.

Her husband, Ng Seong Huat is thanking all the kind people for helping them overcome the difficulties and saving his wife's life.

Part 1:Fundraising