"Seeing Hao Yee in pain, I couldn't wait to donate bone marrow to him. Fortunately, after I went to the hospital for the final examination, the doctor directly extracted my bone marrow. At that time, Hao Yee's condition was stable, so the bone marrow transplant was successfully performed."

Lee Hao Yee, an 8-year-old boy, suffered from severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) three years ago. Apart from ice cream and yogurt, he cannot eat half-cooked food. He needs to inject IVIG every two weeks with immunity-boosting drugs, antibiotics, etc., and the needles have caused him severe pain for 3 years.

The doctor arranged for Hao Yee to be admitted to the hospital for a series of tests and chemotherapy on September 11. The hospital also arranged to extract his father's bone marrow and then perform a bone marrow transplant on September 23.

The transplant process takes about 4 hours. After the bone marrow transplant, Hao Yee needs to stay in the hospital for observation for nearly a month, because it usually takes 14 days for the bone marrow to start producing blood, and the doctor also needs to observe the physical reaction of Hao Yee after the bone marrow transplant. Anti-rejection medication is also required afterwards.

Since he has never been to school, his mother will teach some simple Chinese vocabulary at home. As for the treatment in the hospital, Hao Yee, who likes to draw, will bring drawing paper and color pencel. The biggest wish of parents is to hope that their children will recover soon and can go to school like normal children.

The medical expenses of RM80,000 for Hao Yee have been raised. And Hao Yee's parents are also very grateful for the help of the public, so that Hao Yee can receive treatment and grow up healthily.

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