Lee Jia Yang has a congenital heart disease surgery after one week he was born. And now he was 4-year-old and his heart cannot bear the burden of the operation. The remaining RM60,000 surgery fee has been fully funded. His parents thank all the kind-hearted public to help their little boy continue his life.

Little Jia Yang was a premature baby. He underwent heart surgery when he was a week old. He grew up smoothly after the operation, and he had regular follow-up check-ups. At the recent check-up, he had discovered that his heart was deteriorating, and he must undergo heart surgery as soon as possible.

The first operation has used all the family's saving, and the epidemic has affected his father's career which works a renovation business in the past two years. Without any solution, the family seeks help from One Hope Charity.

The family can only afford RM20,000 of the surgery fee, but they are still short of RM60,000. The fundraising event launched a few days ago and now had fully raised. He will undergo surgery on December 13th.

The parents want to thank all the kind-hearted public for allowing their son to perform the surgery.

Part 1:Fundraising