The once lovely little boy now the body is full of tubes. This situation made his parents feel heartbroken. Lee Rui An, a 10-months-old baby boy was pushed into the operating room urgently on December 6 for heart surgery. With the help and blessing from the generous public, his operation underwent smoothly. He is now under observation in ICU.

Lee Rui An was suffered from congenital heart disease and underwent a third heart repairing surgery. A total amount of RM50,000 fund of his surgery fee has been fully raised. Thank you for your donation, so that a lovely little boy can pass thru the danger.

His mother, Low Kah Kah emotionally said that they used to donate to help other needy in the past. It was unexpected that this time they need help from the others. The parents are very grateful for the assistance of One Hope Charity and the generous public so that their children can undergo surgery in a timely.

Lee Rui An, a 10-months-old baby boy from Taiping, Perak, was diagnosed with congenital heart disease when he was born. he has completed 2 operations. Unexpectedly, there was an emergency situation during the second operation. The operation must be urgently performed within 3 days. And, the operation fee of RM50,000 makes the parents feel devastated.

The 2 operations before were costed RM130,000, and it has spent the parents' savings. Now the third operation fee of RM50,000 has been fully raised. With the blessing of the generous public, we believed that the lovely little boy will grow up healthily.

Part 1:Fundraising