The baby was found signs of heart deterioration when the parent brought him for a follow-up check-up a few days ago. He was arranged to undergo heart surgery on the 25th.

Lim Shawn Yu from Johor seemed to be normal when birth. Unexpectedly, the test found that the child's heartbeat was murmured. A detailed examination revealed that he had Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), a hole in the heart, and blocked pulmonary arteries. He has been relying on medication to control the disease. However, doctors have told the parent that he need undergo heart surgery to survive.

The RM50,000 surgery fee has been raised, and the fundraising event will be stopped immediately. The parent is very grateful for the help of the generous public, they also promise to help the people who need help in the future.

Father also wish the public to continue to pray for the baby boy, hoping that the surgery will go smoothly.

Part 1:Fundraising