The teacher discovered that her student had been absent for several days without any reason. Later, she revealed that their father had been hospitalized and their mother was caring for him in the hospital, leaving the five children hungry at home.

Paula Bin Razam @Paulan Rajan (50), from Sabah, relocated with his family from Negeri Sembilan to Penanti a year ago. Paula worked as a welding work in a small iron factory near his home, earning RM1,200 per month. His wife, Mrs. Yusipa Junis (33 years old) is a housewife.  The couple has five children, aged 4 to 12, three of whom are students at SJK(C) Kubang Semang.

On August 4, Paula experienced severe headaches and convulsions. A neighbor called an ambulance to transport him to the hospital for treatment. He was diagnosed with a bacterial infection of the brain and was admitted to the hospital. There wasn't much food left at home after the family lost their financial support.

The teacher had already contributed some food to satisfy the family's hunger at the time. She approached ONE HOPE CHARITY for assistance because the father needed time off before returning to work.

Following a review of the home visit, ONE HOPE CHARITY decided to provide Paula's family with RM1,500 per month in living expenses for a year to assist them in getting through the difficult times.