“Thank you everyone for your help. I will face and fight against cancer bravely for the sake of my children!”

Well-known pastry chef Low Hui Ching was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. The RM150,000 treatment fee has been successfully raised. Hui Ching is deeply touched by the kind act of all generous donors and she promised to stay positive in her fight against cancer.

45-year-old Hui Ching from Bukit Mertajam is a mother of three. She removed a tumor that was found in her large intestine in 2016, and started to lose weight actively. She also started to live a healthy lifestyle and eating habit since then, where she successfully reduced her weight from 100kg to slightly over 60kg.

In September this year, she suffered from abdominal pain, and the condition became more severe in October where she experienced serious abdominal pain. Her stomach also swelled and has a lump. She went to the hospital for another check, and it turned out to be a recurrence of colorectal cancer. She needed to undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy that cost RM150,000 immediately.

Although she hardly accepted the news of the recurrence of colorectal cancer, but for the sake of three young children at home, she decided to receive the treatments actively and fight against cancer positively.

Currently, the RM150,000 medical fee Hui Ching needed has been successfully raised. She is very grateful to all generous donors for their help, and also the supports, blessings and prayers from everyone. She also promised that she will continue to give back to the society and help those in need after she recovers.

One Hope Charity also thanks all the generous individuals who donated to help Hui Ching. She can now receive her treatment with a peace of mind.

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