Baby Kuan Yun’s condition was critical. He was admitted to the hospital on the day when the fundraising was launched. The doctor also arranged his surgery on the next day (October 1).

Mah Kuan Yun, who is less than a month old, was born with VACTERL association. As his blood oxygen dropped to a dangerous level earlier, what he needed the most now is to have immediate treatment for his heart. After that, the doctor will continue with the repair and treatment for the other parts of his body.

Although baby Kuan Yun suffers from a variety of anomalies, he is very resilient. With the prayers and donations from well-wishers, we believe that he could survive.

The RM90,000 required for his heart surgery has been successfully raised. Hence, the fundraising will stop immediately. His parents are grateful for the donations from everyone, so that the baby boy could undergo the surgery during the critical moment. They hope that the public could continue to pray for their child.

Part 1:Fundraising