Malarvely A/P Ragavan Servai, a 53-year-old woman from Bukit Mertajam has successfully undergone the her surgery. As she is a Covid-19 patient, she has been placed in the intensive care unit (ICU) for quarantine. She will be transferred back to the government hospital after her condition stabilised. The RM50,000 surgical fee she needed has been raised, hence the fundraising will be stopped immediately.

Her doting husband, Balandran A/L Michael, 53, only hopes to save the life of his wife. He also plans to take a leave from work for one or two months to take care of his sick wife until her condition improves. After that, he will seek help from his relatives and friends to take turns to take care of his wife, so that he could continue working to support the family.

He described his wife as a great wife and mother, and is very closed with her in-laws. She is also loved and well-respected by all relatives and friends. After learning about her health condition, all of them prayed that she could recover soon.

The patient’s husband and daughter are very grateful for the donations from the public, because without the generous donations, the family would never be the same again. They also pledged to help the needy in the future. Thank you all!

Part 1:Fundraising