“Thank you for saving my son twice. Our family appreciates the donations and blessings from the public.”

Matheysh Pillaii A/L Kamaraj, the five-year-old boy who suffers from Complex Univentricular Heart, had already undergone two heart surgeries earlier. However, he needs to undergo his third surgery in order to recover from the heart problem.

The third surgery has been scheduled in November, and the shortfall of RM75,000 surgical fee has been successfully raised.

The boy’s parents are very grateful for the public’s assistance. Earlier, their son had completed his second surgery through the donations and supports from the public. And now, they are in difficulty, and they once again receive help from the public. The couple are deeply grateful and they promised to help those in need when they are able to do so.

Please continue to pray for the boy, hoping that his surgery will go smoothly, so that he can grow up healthily and happily.

Part 1:Fundraising