Despite COVID-19 having become a epidemic, we still need to have awareness about epidemic prevention. Tasik Gelugor Lee Chee Chinese Primary School is facing a shortage of prevention supplies. So they seeks assistance from ONE HOPE CHARITY and hoped that the 140 students in the school would be able to take precautionary measures against the epidemic.

Since the school is located in the remote Tasik Gelugor area, so that awareness of prevention needs to be enhanced. In addition, many students come from poor families. Therefore, the school hopes that the prevention supplies can come in handy. So that the student can be free from the risk.

After receiving the application, ONE HOPE CHARITY decided to assist with 480 boxes of masks, 12 boxes of 500ml hand sanitizer, 24 boxes of 500ml hand sanitizer, 140 boxes of 60ml hand sanitizer, and 10 boxes of Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit.

These are funded by the public. The school is also grateful for the assistance of ONE HOPE CHARITY and the generous public so that they can prevent and fight the epidemic.

Medical Assistance 2022 July