Wong Chiew Fong, 43-year-old from Paya Terubong, Penang, suffered from kidney disease at the age of 17. She started taking anti-rejection medicine after a kidney transplant in 2002. However, the monthly cost of RM833 is a heavy burden for her.

Chiew Fong is currently a shop assistant with a salary of RM1,350. She had exhausted her savings for treatment and medical expenses in the past and even borrowed from relatives and friends to buy medicines. She seeks help from ONE HOPE CHARITY in October last year. After a home visit and reviewing her situation, ONE HOPE CHARITY decided to help her with the cost of medicines for a year.

During the home visit, our team found that the varicose veins in the legs of Chiew Fong's mother were often bursting and bleeding profusely, which even affected her movement. After the review, ONE HOPE CHARITY also decided to assist her with RM12,000 in surgery expenses.

Tan Ah Moi, 79-year-old worked in a bakery when she was young. She stood for 6 or 7 hours a day. After she gave birth to her first child at the age of 25, her hamstrings began to appear. In the past 15 years, her hamstring problems getting serious and serious. Her hamstring burst and stitched several stitches on during a family trip. The hamstring burst and blood flowed several times, scaring the family.

Tan Ah Moi and her 85-year-old husband have 5 children. However, her 85-year-old husband had a blocked heart and prostate problems. Therefore, the children did their best to support their father's medical treatment and surgery expenses. The living and medical expenses have become burdens for their children.

Ah Moi's surgery went smoothly this March. During the recuperation period, our team also assisted her with one-handed crutches to help her move freely. The mother and daughter are very grateful to ONE HOPE CHARITY not only relieves the financial burden but also brings them back to health and joy.

Medical Assistance 2022 August