A total of RM125,745.90 were channeled for various assistance in November and December 2021, such as medical expenses, wound cleaning and dialysis expenses subsidy, medical supplies, urine drainage bags, prosthetics, hospital beds and wheelchairs, special needs milk formulas and food, etc

It is easy to share happiness, but it might be hard to provide help in times of trouble. However, One Hope Charity continued to provide all kinds of medical, medicine and food assistance to the poor and underprivileged families during the pandemic Covid-19, hoping to reduce their financial burden.

In November, One Hope Charity approved a total of 49 applications of various assistance requests amounted to RM53,782.50, while in December, the Organisation channelled a total of RM71,963.40 to help 56 patients and their families to solve their problems.

Normally, for any assistance requests that are less than RM20,000, One Hope Charity will not initiate fundraising, but the Organisation will use the general donations from the public to provide immediate assistance to patients or the people in need such as to help more patients to buy medicines, to pay for their low amount surgical fees, provide them with medical equipment and special medical supplies, among others. Those surgical fees, medical fees or even medical supplies may cost only tens of ringgits, hundreds of ringgits or nearly a thousand ringgits, but the amount might be a heavy burden to a poor patient and his/her entire family. Therefore, One Hope Charity will lend a helping hand to those who meet the qualifications, hoping that the assistance can help to ease the financial burden of the families in need.

Case 1: 61-year-old bachelor Tay Seng Keat from Penang Island injured his ankle after he fell off from the motorcycle in September 2021. He needed RM5,400 for a surgery on his right ankle but he could not afford the surgical fee. He used to be an odd job worker in the construction industry, but he could not work and lost his income after the accident. After reviewing the case, One Hope Charity decided to subsidize his surgical fee, with the hope that he could recover after the surgery and resume his daily life as soon as possible.

Case 2: 63-year-old Chong Yong Fatt from Butterworth developed diabetes in 2007 and he has been taking medicine to control his condition. Last month, he went to a clinic to seek medical treatment due to an abscess on his back and the doctor referred him to a hospital for examination and a procedure to remove the abscess. He has difficulty in walking since six years ago due to food pain. He must clean the wound regularly after the surgery and he needed a nurse to go to his house and help him with the wound cleaning. One Hope Charity sponsored him with RM620 of medicine for wound cleaning and RM1,800 of wound cleaning service expenses.

Case 3: 62-year-old Tan Hock Chun from Bukit Mertajam is an odd job worker providing painting services. He also took up a part-time job to pick fruits in the orchard. His income is not stable. On August 6, when he was working in the orchard, he climbed up a tree to collect the rambutans. However, he accidentally fell from the tree and gractured the sole of his left foot. The man needed to undergo physiotherapy at a hospital every week, and the doctor said that it would take some time for treatment. As he relied on crutches to walk for a long period of time, his left calf muscle was atrophied and weak. He needed regular wound dressing replacement and massage, hence, One Hope Charity assisted him with RM2,310 to support his medical expenses for three months.

One Hope Charity is ready to help people who are in need especially those who are from poor families. We welcome you to provide us with information of poor and sick people or families who are in need of medical fee assistance, or you may also send in the application for assistance to the Organisation. If the cost exceeds RM20,000, a fundraising will be launched, otherwise, the case will be funded through general donations from the well-wishers. For assistance, contact 016-419 2192, 019-232 2192 or 04-5399212.

Medical Assistance 2022 January