Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim is struggling due to a lack of medical equipment and supplies. ONE HOPE CHARITY has once again contributed medical equipment and supplies worth RM269,620 to help the hospital benefit the majority of patients who are in need.

The medical equipment provided includes an automatic external defibrillator (AED), an incubator, a neonatal jaundice treatment light device (LED PHOTOTHERAPY LIGHT), a patient mobile stretcher (Mobil Stretcher), various lockers and mobile Counters, medical equipment, and so on.

Dato Chua Sui Hau, chairman of ONE HOPE CHARITY, led a team to deliver the medical equipment to Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim, where they were personally received by Dr. Fauziah bt Abdul Wahab, the hospital's president.

The dean stated unequivocally that these devices allow medical staff to perform their duties more efficiently, and she is grateful to ONE HOPE CHARITY for their assistance in benefiting the crowd and more patients.

According to the director, Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim has 703 beds and is in charge of receiving patients from Yan, Baling, Sik, and Kulim, as well as providing a variety of medical services. The hospital received and treated 212,689 patients in 2021, with as many as 17 specialist departments involved, making it a large and important hospital.

According to Dato Chua, ONE HOPE CHARITY purchases medical equipment that is in short supply at the hospital. ONE HOPE CHARITY has also actively donated various medical materials to various hospitals across the country in recent years, with the hope that this equipment will eventually benefit the patient.

He is also grateful for the generosity and trust of the general public, whose donations enable the association to continue to provide various medical services.