The equipment at Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim is outdated and insufficient for use, and neonatal jaundice treatment photometers are in short supply (PHOTOTHERAPY). The hospital entrusted ONE HOPE CHARITY with purchasing an additional 5 sets of jaundice treatment photometers for the hospital, allowing newborn babies to receive the best care possible.

Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital is a large government hospital that serves patients from Yan, Baling, Sik, and Kulim. The hospital has a large patient population and treats a large number of pregnant women and newborns every day.

The hospital's jaundice treatment light instrument has been in use for 15 years and is frequently repaired. However, it continues to face the dilemma of outdated equipment that is in short supply, and it is sometimes forced to share the equipment. As a result, the hospital urgently requires a jaundice treatment light instrument.

ONE HOPE CHARITY makes good use of public donations to purchase necessary medical equipment for the hospital, with the hope that these items will benefit more people. Thank you for the donations from the generous public, who have become the association's staunch supporters. Let us do good deeds and help others together.