A 33-year-old man who shared the family's financial burden with his younger brother was involved in a car accident on his way to work last year. He was temporarily unable to work and his family was in trouble.

Barathi A/L Muniandy from Taman Sri Kijang, Bukit Mertajam, is the van driver of the factory. He was involved in a car accident on his way to work last April, resulting in severe foot injuries. He was allowed to leave the hospital after 11 days of surgery and treatment.

He is still recovering and recuperating. He has limited mobility and is temporarily unable to work. He will have applied for assistance from SOCSO, so at this stage, ONE HOPE CHARITY provided assistance to help him temporarily overcome difficulties.

He lives with his parents and younger siblings, the younger brother is a lorry driver and the younger sister is still studying.

If there are any poor or needy who need medical equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, crutches, oxygen machines, special milk powder, diapers welcome to apply from us. Any assistance please contact our hotline 016-419 2192, 019-232 2192, 04-5399212.