Can you imagine that a little cute yet funny boy had serious heart disease, and he had to rely on an oxygen machine to breathe.

Mohamad Zayyan Maleek suffers from heart disease and had previously undergone 3 heart operations, which he completed the 3rd time's heart surgery in June last year. His parents will never forget to thank all the kind people who helped them through the storm.

He is now 1 year and 9 months old, has been diagnosed with a heart hole in his mother's fetus. However, he was diagnosed with severe congenital heart disease after he was born. He had 2 heart surgeries when he was 1 month old, and he needed to rely on an oxygen machine to breathe. He can't back home for a long period.

After receiving donations from the public, he underwent his 3rd-time surgery in June 2020. The operation was going smoothly. After surgery, he can breathe by himself without an oxygen machine. And now, he has grown up healthy and lovely.

His parents took him for regular physical examinations and stopped at One Hope Charity to thank him. Now, he is in great condition.