The situation is critical and perilous. Muhamad Fierzuan Mustaqim, the baby boy, was rushed to a specialised hospital for surgery. He has passed through the critical period and is now in stable condition.

Even though surgery is risky, a baby boy with severe congenital heart disease has no chance of living without it. The baby boy's operation lasted almost nine hours, and everything went according to plan.

The parents are extremely grateful for the public's timely assistance in raising the RM80,000 required for the baby boy's surgery. There are no words to express how grateful they are.

Muhamad Fierzuan Mustaqim Bin Muhamad Fikhri, a newborn baby boy from Kedah. Once he cries, his blood oxygen drops sharply and he urgently needs oxygen assistance. The doctor does not allow him to go home, and he needs RM80,000 surgery to save his life.