The gift is insignificant, but the feeling is profound. A hand-made card conveys the gratitude of a family of five, as well as their full gratitude and blessings.

On September 27, surgery was scheduled for the shy baby boy Muhammad Fahim Hazizi Bin Tuah. The surgery went well. On September 29, the child was transferred to the general ward after being observed in the ICU for two days. He's making good progress and has been cleared by the doctor to be discharged on October 3. Along with his parents and siblings, the baby boy arrived at the hospital to pick him up for discharge.

The baby boy from Perak appears normal, but the scar on his back to his chest demonstrates the child's tenacious vitality, as he has severe congenital heart disease and has undergone heart repair surgery before a full term to save his life. The child's cardiovascular stenosis was discovered during the follow-up examination due to the phenomenon of cyanosis and hypoxia after stimulating exercise, and a second surgery was required to save his life.

The parent is extremely grateful for the generosity of the general public. The family also collaborated to create a thank you card to express gratitude to the public for their contributions, allowing the younger brother to continue the operation and grow up healthy.