Muhammad Fairuz Hazimie does not appear to have a serious heart condition, but when he visited the hospital a few days ago for follow-up visits, the report revealed that his heart was deteriorating, and he was urgently scheduled for surgery on March 5.

Nur Ashikin Rusli, the boy's mother, said that despite the boy being only 10 years old, he is very intelligent. He is aware that he will soon have surgery and that his parents are concerned about his health. He occasionally consoles his parents.

Muhammad Fairuz Hazimie, a boy from Sungai Buloh, Selangor, was born with a hole in his heart. The doctor told him at the time that the hole in his heart would close on its own and that surgery was unnecessary. However, instead of closing the hole in the heart as Muhammad Fairuz Hazimie grow older, it may even widen.

Before the epidemic, the doctor suggested that the child should undergo surgery. If not, the heart valve may have problems in the future, which will affect the blood flow. At that time, he will need to take medicine for the rest of his life. However, the family was forced to postpone the operation due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the suspension of work, and a lack of financial resources.

When they went to the hospital for a follow-up visit recently, the doctor warned them about the risks, including the possibility of the hole in the heart enlarging. They decided to let Muhammad Fairuz Hazimie's operation as soon as possible.

Today, Muhammad Fairuz Hazimie’s 40,000 ringgit surgery fee has been fully raised. The family is very grateful to the general public, regardless of race and religion, to help the child together.