'Thank you for your donation, so that our baby can undergo surgery on time. He now is growing up healthy and happy.'

A baby boy Muhammad Luth Zareef Bin Mohd Fahmy Izwan, whose face turned blue from time to time due to severe heart disease caused by hypoxia, underwent heart surgery successfully. Now he recovered well and was discharged.

The doctor had found that the fetus had a heart problem when the mother is pregnant. So until he was born, he was diagnosed with heart disease and his blood oxygen was unstable. he needs to undergo surgery to solve this problem completely. However, a large amount of operation fee made the family feel pressured, so they seek help from One Hope Charity.

When the fundraising event launched, he was also undergoing surgery during his prime time. His condition is good after the operation.

His parents want to thank you to the kind-hearted public who help them pass thru this difficult time.

Part 1:Fundraising

Part 2:Fundraising Completed