“Thank you for donating without regard for race to save our baby. We are very touched.”

Suffering from complicated congenital heart disease, baby Muhammad Nur Irfan Bin Nizam can only stay in the newborn intensive care unit since he was born. The RM50,000 surgical fee he needed has been successfully raised, hence, One Hope Charity will stop the fundraising for Muhammad Nur Irfan Bin Nizam immediately.

Baby Muhammad Nur Irfan Bin Nizam from Penang Island was found to have heart problem when his mother was six months pregnant. His mother gave birth to him on October 1 and was diagnosed with serious heart disease. He was rushed to the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) right after he was born, and he is still unable to return home.

As the baby boy is suffering from serious and complicated heart disease, he must undergo three heart repair surgeries in stages. Currently, he is in urgent need to undergo his first heart repair surgery that cost RM50,000.

Since the launching of the fundraising recently, One Hope Charity had received donations from many well-wishers. And now, the donation is sufficient and One Hope Charity is actively helping in the arrangement of the baby boy’s surgery.

Muhammad Nur Irfan Bin Nizam’s parents hoped that they can express their gratitude to all well-wishers who offered help without regard for race and religion through One Hope Charity.

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