"It's very difficult for me to conceive this child. I don't want to lose him. Thank you very much for your donations, which helped me keep this lovely baby."

Muhammad Rayyan Waiz bin Zakiyuddin, from Alor Setar, Kedah, was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) upon birth, which causes his heart to gradually fail without surgery. The mother is an elderly mother. When they learned of the pregnancy, the two couples were very much looking forward to the arrival of the baby. It is expected that the baby was diagnosed with a heart defect.

At that time, he was too light to undergo surgery. Now, the baby has grown up safely under the careful care of his parents. At 9 months old, he is lively and active, and he is a cute smiling face.

The weight is now suitable for surgery, and the doctor recommends treatment as soon as possible to prevent the situation from getting worse. The RM75,000 surgery fee for the baby boy has been raised and the surgery is already scheduled.

The parents thanked the public for their donations, so that the baby could have the surgery as scheduled to save his life.

Part 1:Fundraising