"We are very touched and grateful for everyone's donations to help our children, regardless of race or religion, and it also makes us feel the warmth of society everywhere."

Muhd Ibrahim Al-Qowiy, a dying newborn baby, is fighting for his life with a breathing machine. He will be undergoing surgery soon. Please keep praying for the baby and hoping that he will get through this stage smoothly and safely.

The baby needs RM115,000 for the surgery, the parents can only afford RM5,000, and a total of RM10,000 from the “emergency medical reserve fund” has been channelled, hence, One Hope Charity will only launch a fundraising of RM100,000 for this case. The RM100,000 surgery fee for the baby has been raised. The parents are very grateful for the donations from the public, because without the surgery, the baby will not be able to survive.

Muhd Ibrahim Al-Qowiy bin Muhd Jannatul Firdaus from Alor Setar, Kedah, suffered from a complex congenital heart disease due to a murmur in his heart 3 days after birth. The baby is in urgent need of surgery to save his life, which makes the poor parents frown deeply.