"No words can describe my gratitude towards my wife. I also want to thank all the kind people who help us to get through this difficult time. "

Na Soon Beng had to remove his pancreas when he met an accident in young time. After that, his body failed to secrete insulin which led to complication and he has started dialysis and required a kidney transplantation. The transplantation cost of RM120,000 has been completely raised, and the fundraising will stop from now on.

He revealed it is difficult decision to accept his wife to donate kidney for him. He would also worry about the side effect happen on his wife after transplantation. However, they firmly believe that they can overcome this difficulty together.

"I will work harder after the transplantation because I can't waste the kidney that my wife gave me. It is because not everyone willing to donate her/his kidney."

Na Soon Beng appreciated all the kind people who donated, and also the hospital that arranged his kidney transplantation operation in short period.

Part 1:Fundraising