"After successfully transplanting my wife's kidney, she not only gave me a chance to be reborn but also gave my children a healthy father and a complete family."

In mid-July this year, Na Soon Beng (39 years old), who successfully transplanted a kidney from his wife, after 6 weeks of recuperation, came along to the Kuala Lumpur office with his wife Low Yien San (38 years old) to meet the chairman Dato' Chua Sui Hau and gratitude to the public.

Yien San said that there are still many people who question why a kidney transplant requires huge medical expenses, and many people are curious why they don't go to the general hospital to wait for an appointment, instead of using a large number of medical expenses for a transplant.

"Actually, organ transplants need to be in the right person and right time, and they are indispensable. If one of them is missed, it is very likely to cause danger to life. Therefore, once the time comes and suitable organs are available, it must be carried out the transplantation during the urgent golden period. It can be said that life is in a race against time.”

She said that the earlier the transplant, the more life would be earned. During the previous dialysis period, not only Soon Beng had to endure the pain of dialysis, but the family was also busy with his transportation, and the entire family was affected.

After 6 weeks of observation and recuperation, Soon Beng has recovered well, and now he only needs to keep eye on his diet. He will return to work when recovered, work hard to support his family, and vow to give his family a happy life.

The couple has always been donors to the ONE HOPE CHARITY. This time, they were able to successfully complete the kidney transplant operation because of everyone's kindness, so they will continue to donate to help those in need if they can.

Part 1:Fundraising

Part 2:Fundraising Completed

Part 3:Successful Kidney Transplant Surgery and Discharged From Hospital