The nine-month old baby girl Nayra Ufaira is in critical condition. The doctor arranged her to undergo surgery on January 5. Please continue to pray for her.

Although the baby girl does not seem to have symptoms, but she is smaller in size compared to other babies of her same age, and she takes very little milk. She was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect during a physical examination when she was six months old, and she needed a surgery within the golden window.

As her body weight was not up to the standard and was not allowed to undergo the surgery earlier, the doctor requested her parents to pay more attention to her development during this period. And now, the baby girl’s weight is suitable for surgery. The doctor takes the golden opportunity to arrange her to be admitted to the hospital on January 4, and she can undergo the heart surgery on the next day (January 5) once she passed the preoperative examination.

The RM80,000 required for the surgery has been successfully raised, hence the fundraising will be stopped with immediate effect. The parents are very grateful to the public for their donations and help regardless of race or religion to save their daughter.

Part 1:Fundraising