Ng Hee Chai was admitted to the hospital a few days ago due to excruciating pain. The doctor arranged for him to operate after examination. He is currently under observation in the intensive care unit. The required RM30,000 surgery fee has already been raised, so the fundraising will be stopped.

Ng Hee Chai is expected to be transferred to the general ward in a few days and is expected to be discharged home soon. The child is very grateful for the assistance of the public, not only helping his family to tide over the difficulties, but also helping his father get rid of his illness.

Daughter Ng Huey Ling said that in the past, her father has always been active and optimistic about the treatment. Even though he had been undergoing dialysis for 25 years, he actively cooperated and talked and laughed with the child cheerfully. This time, the pain almost made him lose his mind. With the operation to clear the blood stasis, his father's condition has gradually improved.

Part 1:Fundraising