"I came here today with my two grandsons to thank everyone. I want to show the next generation how to be grateful. It is the public's donation that helps their grandpa undergo the surgery smoothly."

Due to the psoas hematoma requiring surgery to clear the congestion, 57-year-old Ng Hee Chai has recovered and was discharged after the surgery. A few days ago, he accompanied by his wife, daughter and grandsons came to ONE HOPE CHARITY service centre, and thanked the public for their donations and blessings, which enabled him to undergo smooth surgery.

The illness caused him pain, he could not accompany his grandson. Now his condition has improved after the surgery. He can enjoy a happy time with his grandson, so he brought his grandson to visit us and taught them to be grateful.

The family also made a simple thank you card, yet carried the full gratitude of the family.

Part 1:Fundraising

Part 2:Fundraising Completed