Because of the timely treatment given within the golden window, the 46-year-old stroke patient is progressing well. Her hands and feet are able to move now, and she is not paralysed.

46-year-old woman Nor Syahida Azuah Binti Shabudin from Bukit Mertajam, Penang has completed the urgently needed Mechanical Thrombectomy on November 11. The surgery was successful and she was admitted to the intensive care unit for observation for a day, and transferred back to Seberang Jaya Hospital for continuous treatment after her condition was stable.

After the surgery, the woman’s condition is getting better. Initially she was weak but under the doctor’s instruction, she can now raise her hands and feet. She can also understand what her husband said. What she needs is to undergo physiotherapy in order to resume her movements and daily activities.

The woman’s 80-year-old mother is still strong. She is a postpartum massage therapist and she will be taking care of her daughter and help her with massage, hoping that her daughter can recover soon.

Thank you for your donations which saved Nor Syahida Azuah’s life, and at the same time, preserved her family. The family is very grateful to One Hope Charity for the timely assistance, so that their wife and mother can stay away from danger. Thank you once again!

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