She does not appear to be suffering from a serious heart disease, but her condition has deteriorated. Currently, she is waiting for the hospital to arrange an operation. The RM30,000 fund she needs has been raised, so the fundraising will be stopped.

Nur Afia Mikayla, a 3-year-old girl from Penang, has undergone two heart repair operations to relieve her condition. In the past two months, her condition has deteriorated, not only with cyanosis of her lips and instructions, but also with wheezing and shortness of breath. Although there is a 30% risk of surgery, life will be short if there is no surgery.

The girl also needs the blessings of the public, hoping that the operation will go well, and that she will grow up healthy and safe.

In addition to being deeply grateful for the donations from the public, the parents also promised to take good care of their children to live up to the expectations of the public.

Part 1:Fundraising