"We are very grateful to see people from all ethnic groups donate to help Nur Aisyah Khadeeja. With your donations and prayers, she will definitely get through this smoothly."

1-year-old Nur Aisyah Khadeeja was diagnosed with a single ventricle heart baby when she was born. At that time, the doctor told her that she would need 3 operations. The first operation was performed when she was one month old. After that, she grew up safely under the careful care and care of her parents.

In fact, as early as a few months ago, the doctor told that it was time for a second operation. However, the child's weight was too low to be suitable for the operation.

The RM70,000 surgery fee for the girl has already been raised, so the fundraising will stop from now on. The girl will have an operation on June 9. Hope everyone will continue to pray for her and hope that the operation will go well.

The parents are also very grateful for the assistance of the public, so that their daughter can have an immediate operation to save her life. They have nothing in return, but only promise to give back to the society and help other patients in need in the future.

Part 1:Fundraising