Since the birth of the pigeon pair twins, the younger brother has always been healthy but the elder sister unfortunately suffered from serious heart disease. And now, it is finally the suitable time for the sister Nur Akma Muizzah to undergo her life-saving surgery, and the date of surgery is still being under arrangement.

Her 35-year-old father Mohd Alham said he was forced to quit his job and become an odd-job worker to support his family due to the health condition of his daughter that needed to visit hospitals frequently. And now, his daughter is about to go for her heart repair surgery, so he hopes that he can obtain a new job and return to the workplace, so that he can concentrate and work hard and have a stable income to support the family.

The parents are living in fear as their daughter is ill. They fear that their daughter’s life may be threatened at any time. And now, the fund needed has been successfully raised, so the father is very grateful to the public for their help, which made him feel the warmth and care from the people around him. We hope that the girl will have a smooth surgery and everything goes well.

Part 1:Fundraising